Holloway Sanatorium







Private asylum for male and female middle-class patients, set in extensive parkland in Virginia Water, Surrey. Opened in 1885.

Bethlem Hospital


The oldest and most famous insane asylum in the country. Opened in the 13th century, and rebuilt several times at different locations in London. The nineteenth-century building (pictured above) is now the Imperial War Museum.


Hanwell Asylum


A large public asylum for the county of Middlesex (now in the West of Greater London). The first purpose-built asylum built in England. Opened in 1831. Became famous under the direction of Dr John Conolly, who ended the use of mechanical restraints. It was the first large asylum to do so.

Colney Hatch Asylum

Camberwell Asylum

Brookwood Asylum

Springfield Hospital

St Luke’s Hospital

The York Retreat

L0000811EA The Retreat near York.




Images courtesy of the Wellcome Collection and WikiCommons under a Creative Commons License.


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