Medical Humanities Discussion Group 2016/17

Interesting range of events coming up in Glasgow, hosted by the Asylum and Post-Asylum Spaces research group.

Asylum and Post-Asylum Spaces

Medical Humanities Discussion Group 2016/17

Chair: Dr Cheryl McGeachan

All Sessions will take place between 1-2pm.

Wednesday 26th October

Session 1 – ‘Shakespeare and Madness: dramaturgies of mental illness in early modern England’

As part of my PhD research on madness in Shakespearean performance, this presentation examines dramaturgical approaches to representing insanity in Shakespeare’s plays. This involves an analysis of key trends in structure, style and character within both his comedic and tragic works. In doing so, I hope to explore how such patterns help construct meanings of madness by fitting into and/or challenging early modern psychological discourses.

Speaker: Molly Ziegler (PhD Candidate in Theatre Studies)

 Wednesday 16th November

Session 2 – Discovering Medical Humanities collections

How effectively are we promoting the University’s medical humanities collections? How easy are they to discover? Archives & Special Collections staff are keen to hear your thoughts as we review and…

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