Event tomorrow: Prof Jeremy Tambling on ‘Dickens, Ruskin, London and Venice’

RHUL English Research Forum

Professor Jeremy Tambling will be giving a paper at the Victorian Studies Centre on Thursday (11th) entitled, ‘Dickens, Ruskin, London and Venice: Some Versions of Modernism’ (6-7.30, Room 007, International Building, Royal Holloway). His abstract is as follows:

Ruskin, who read Dickens attentively, and mainly appreciatively, especially in relation to his theories of the grotesque, called Dickens, on his death, ‘a pure modernist –  a leader of the steam-whistle party par excellence‘. The meaning of this criticism needs exploring, perhaps in the light of Ruskin’s praise of Turner: is there any way of thinking of an alternative modernism in Ruskin, and what of the modernity that all three have in their sense of London? This paper explores the relationship between the writers in relation to their sense of the urban, drawing in their response to Venice, in comparison to London, the old and the modern cities together. Texts to…

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