British Society for the History of Science Postgraduate Conference

The BSHS Postgraduate Conference will be held at UCL during 7-9 January 2015, organised by postgraduate students in UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies.

We are an interdisciplinary centre for the integrated study of science’s history, philosophy, sociology, communication and policy. As the next host of the BSHS PG Conference, we are taking the opportunity to celebrate the plurality in history of science and science and technology studies by welcoming abstracts from all courses of science, technology and medicine studies with an interest in history.

Contact conference organisers:

Conference update

This will be a three-day conference with parallel sessions covering variety of topics. We invite submissions of individual papers and paper sessions. Moreover, we invite postgraduates to serve as commentators for each session. This is an opportunity for postgraduates interested in obtaining experience as conference commentators. Each commentator will be expected to introduce presenters, record times, and prepare constructive comments and summarize themes for the papers in their session.

  •  For individual papers, please submit your name, university affiliation, paper title, 3-5 key words, and an abstract of no more than 300 words.
  •  For paper sessions, please submit your paper session title along with the name, university affiliation, paper title, 3-5 keywords, and an abstract of no more than 300 words for each individual within the proposed paper session.  A paper session may include 3-5 individuals.
  •  For commentators, please submit your name, university affiliation, 3-5 keywords to describe your area of research, and a short statement of interest. 


  •  24.10.2014 Paper and Session Submission
  • 31.10.2014 Commentators Submission
  • 31.10.2014 Acceptance Notification
  • 05.12.2014 Registration Deadline


ucl-portico-night (1)


The registration cost is to be determined. We hope to offer a minimal registration cost in order to make this event accessible to all interested postgraduate scholars.


The accommodation is to be determined. We will provide postgraduate scholars with affordable accommodation options within London and near University College London.



Conference Speakers

For the BSHS PG Conference 2015, we invite history of science scholars to share their research. We also plan a series of keynote talks, including:

  • Welcome Keynote – Dr Bill Maclehose
  • Conference Keynote – Prof Hasok Chang
  • Two Lunch Lectures – More details to follow

 Conference Evening Event

For the 2015 BSHS PG Conference, we are hosting a Bright Club event to take place in our local pub, Star of Kings. Bright club is a ‘thinking person’s comedy night’ where scholars present their research as a stand-up comedy routine. This event provides an environment where participants can socialise, ‘intellectualise’, and enjoy a night of comedy and history of science. Star of Kings will serve typical pub food and beer for all budgets. More details to follow.

 Conference Museum Tours

The BSHS PG Conference 2015 will offer participants the opportunity to visit some of London’s cultural and educational institutions. We will plan excursions to the British Library, Wellcome Trust, Science Museum and other destinations to be determined. More details to follow.


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