Registration open for Decadence and the Senses

Registration for Decadence and the Senses (10 -11 April) is now open

Early Bird tickets are £150 and the concessionary fee is £90.  This includes the buffet and drinks on the Thursday, the musical entertainment and the poetry readings on Friday the 11th.

One-day tickets are £75, or £45 for concessions.

Please click this link to be taken to the registration page on the Goldsmiths website: Decadence and the Senses – Registration




Thursday 10 April 2014      New Academic Building (NAB LG. 01)

9.00-9.30                   Registration:     NAB LG foyer

9.30-9.45                   Welcome: Jane Desmarais


9.45-10.45                  Conference Keynote Lecture

Professor Catherine Maxwell (Queen Mary, University of London), TITLE tbc

10.45-11.00                 Refreshments – NAB LG foyer


11.00-12.45                 Panel A:  Scents and Sights

Chair: Chris Baldick (Goldsmiths)

Melanie Hawthorne (Texas A&M), Nice Smells: Renée Vivien and the Olfactory

Nick Freeman (Loughborough University), Symons, Whistler and Ways of Seeing

Patricia Pulham (University of Portsmouth), Poetry, Tactility and Eroticism in Arthur    O’Shaughnessy’s Thoughts in Marble

Alex Murray (University of Exeter): ‘A mad carnival of the senses’: James Huneker and the Illusion  of Synaesthetic Decadence

12.45-1.45                 Lunch – NAB LG foyer

1.45-3.30                    Panel B:  Suffering and sexuality

Chair: Alice Condé (Goldsmiths)

Sara Lyons (University of Kent), ‘I am Fire and Burn Myself’: Heraclitus and  Swinburne’s Firebrand Poetics in Atalanta in Calydon

Sarah Parker (University of Stirling), Bittersweet: Michael Field’s Sapphic Palate

Petra Dierkes-Thrun (Stanford), Oscar Wilde and French Decadence: Rachilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray,  and Salomé

Ery Shin (University of Oxford), Bowing Down as Rising Up: Decadence and Spatiality in Nightwood

3.30-4.00                    Tea break – NAB LG foyer

4.00-5.45                    Panel C:  Music, dance, movement           

Chair: tba

Katharina Herold (Oxford University), Dancing the Image – A comparative study of the dance metaphor and  kinaesthetics in the poetry of Stéphane Mallarmé and Arthur Symons

Adrian Paterson (National University of Ireland, Galway), A sense of music: Yeats, Symons, Mallarmé

Jad Adams, (Institute of English, School of Advanced Study, University of London), ‘Yesternight’: The  Alexandrine and Memory in Dowson’s Cynara poem

Angela Dunstan, ‘All the senses would melt into one’: Theodore Watts-Dunton’s ‘Aylwin’ and the  Decadent Sensorium

6.00-8.00                    Black Buffet


Friday 11 April 2014    New Academic Building (NAB LG. 01)

9.00-9.30                    Registration:     NAB LG foyer

9.30-11.15                  Panel D:  Wilde and the Aesthetic Object

Chair: Petra Dierkes-Thrun (Stanford)

Robert Stilling (Florida State University), ‘A Dead Art’:  Oscar Wilde, Agha Shahid Ali, and the Dacca Gauzes

Winnie M Li (Goldsmiths), ‘A Lamp of Moorish Workmanship’: Illuminating Sexual Otherness  through Orientalism in The Picture of Dorian Gray

Rita Dirks Heath (Ambrose University College, Calgary, Alberta), Second-Hand Sacramentalism:  Dorian’s Borrowed Sensations

Katharine Easterby (University of Liverpool), ‘Unnecessary things are our only necessities’: Male              Narcissists’ Obsession with Objects in The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Diary of a Nobody

11.15-11.30                 Refreshments – NAB LG foyer

11.30-1.15                  Panel E:  Decadent Spaces

Chair: Isobel Hurst (Goldsmiths)

Hellen Giblin-Jowett (Newcastle University), Orchids that can knack you in a fight: hot-house flowers  and Darwin at the fin de siècle

Jessica Gossling (Goldsmiths), ‘Things worldly and things spiritual’: The motif of the hot-house in J.-K.  Huysmans’s A rebours

Robert Thomson Pruett (independent scholar), Le démon de l’Analogie: The Faustian Contract of Artifice  in Rodenbach’s Bruges-la-Morte

Kate Hext (University of Exeter), Ben Hecht and the Fragments of Decadent Dreaming in 1920s Chicago

1.15-2.30                      Lunch – NAB LG foyer

1.44-2.15                    Poetry readings – NAB LG. 02


2.30-4.15                    Panel F:  Decadence and the Body

Chair: tba

Liz Renes (University of York), ‘The Mystery of White Things’: Aestheticism, Obsession and Female Corporeal  Whiteness

Matthew Brinton Tildesley (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, South Korea), Decadent Sensations: Art,  the Body and Sensuality in the “Little Magazines” (1885-1897)

Kostas Boyiopoulos (Durham University), ‘Sexy Sentences’: Decadence, Fetishism and the Eroticised Text

David Rose (Oscholars, Paris), Voluptuousness and Nature


4.15-4.45                Tea break – NAB LG foyer


4.45-6.00                    Final Paper:  Taste

Chair: – Jane Desmarais (Goldsmiths)

David Weir (Cooper Union), Decadent Taste

6.00             Close of Conference



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