The Voyage of Matrimony, from the Volcano of Passions to Misery Town (1826)

The History of Love

And lo, you find yourself embarking upon your first love affair. Egads!, I hear you cry, how am I to navigate this unknown terrain, such uncontrollable bliss, such exquisite ecstasy? Never fear, gentle reader, you merely have to consult this late-Georgian map. Your mindless optimism will be shot in no time.


This ‘Study for Youth’ charts the voyage from Baby Land to the Icebergs of Death, and gives fair warning of all the strife and silliness in between. From the moment that the adventurer reaches Point Pretty Face, the topography is shaped by his romantic affairs… and the dangers certainly appear to dominate. Courtship itself (represented by the Ship Perseverance, with its cargo of love letters) is something of a chore, but no doubt encouraged by the impressive backdrop of the Mountains of Admiration (or perhaps simply the Coast of Convenience). [click images to enlarge]


Whatever his motivations, our…

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