Creatures of the mind: witchcraft from melancholia to psychoanalysis

Forthcoming research seminar at the Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies (CREMS), University of York.

Wednesday 29 January 2014, 4.30pm

Speaker: Kate Hodgkin (University of East London)


Reader in Cultural History, University of East London

Kate’s publications include the fantastic  Madness in Seventeenth-Century Autobiography and Women, Madness and Sin in Early Modern England: the autobiographical writings of Dionys Fitzherbert, Ashgate 2010; and articles on dreams, witchcraft and gender.

Having taken a BA in History at Sussex University, Kate went on to do an MA there in the literature of the English Renaissance, and a DPhil on the subject of seventeenth-century women’s autobiography. She taught in the Department of English at Swansea University before coming to UEL as a historian. At UEL she continues to teach in both subjects, and enjoy both their differences and their close connections.

Kate’s current research focuses on two areas. One is early modern memory, including both memory in early modern England (how people at the time remember and represent the past), and the memory of that period today (how we now think about the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries outside academic work – eg novels, TV serials, re-enactments, heritage sites, etc.) The second is a continuing broader interest in the history of mentalities, including madness and melancholy, but also the history of emotions more generally; at present she is working on the importance of sibling relationships in early modern life writing.

Kate is also a convenor of the AHRC-funded network on Memory and Community in early Modern Britain.

 Katharine Hodgkin - Madness in c17 autobiography book cover

Location: Berrick Saul Seminar Room BS/008

Admission: All Welcome, tea 15 mins before start



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